List of Machineries

  Drying Oven
(a) (11'x 9' x 12')
(b) ) (20' x 14' x 16')

(a) Power Tr Winding Machine (HT)
(b) Power Tr Winding Machine (LT)
(c) Distn Tr Winding Machine (HT)(LT)

  30 Ton Crane (EOT)

  5 Ton (EOT Crane)

  Hot Air Blower (Portable) 3'x3'x3'

  Kinney Vaccum Pump (3000 CFM)

  Transformer Oil Filter Machine 4.5 LPH (27X2 Kw)

  Oil Storage Tank 10 KL

  Hydraulic Trolley

  Drilling Machine

  Painting Compressor

  Welding Machine

  Grinding Machine Portable


  Mobile Chain Block

  Shearing Cutter

  Band Saw Machine

  Hand Vice

  Job Handling Trolley

  Linsher machine

  Bobbin Stand with MS rod

  MS Oil Tanker (2 KL)

  New Cooling Fan and Stand

  MS materials Like Cross piece, legs, plate

  Wooden Former

  Crane rope and fabric belt Kit

  Water pump, tools & tackles

  50mm SS Rails bar

  Winding Gear Box and Motor Unit II

  Pull Winch with Rope and Electrical Wire.

  Vacuum Pump 7.5HP Motor-SX 3000

  Wood Cutting Machine

List of Testing Equipments

  Flash Test Transformer (HT) 300 kV

  Flash Test Transformer (HT) 80 kV

  Test Bench (Voltmeter, ammeter, wattmeter)

  Current Transformer

  Potential Transformer

  Automatic Transformer Ratio Meter (ELTEL) (o-200v)

  Oil Test Kit (o - 80 kv)

  Micro Ohm Meter (100A DC)

  High Voltage Break Down Tester (10kv)

  Megger Digital) ' (500v ' 5000v)

  10kv Digital Megger Power Operated

  Tong Tester (Digital)

  Multi Meter (Digital)

  D.C Ampere Meter

   A.C & D.C. Volt Meter

  Watts Meter

  Ampere Meter AC & DC

  Volt Meter

  Testing Transformer

  Dimmer Stat ' (1 phase, 3 phase)

  Double Voltage & Frequency Generator

  Temperature measuring gun (-30o to 500o c)

  Testing cables 50 meters

  12kv Automatic Capacitance Tan Δ Test Kit

  10A Winding Resistance Meter